If you are reading this right now,  still loving Miley Cyrus, Bye Hater! I figured you'd still be reading this so you should hate her. She has a big mouth and thinks she's a real star. Last year she had a bunch of fans. This year it has decreased in a short amount of time. We think we know why:

1. Her change of style of  hannah Montanah is looking so similar to Miley

2. She wants the spotlight to herself (For example: She said that Robbert only has fans for his act in Twilight, not his looks)

3. Bad singing and acting

4. The money she gets from miley world (even though she has all the money in the world)

5. The l. pics

6. The n. pics to Nick Jonas

7. Spends all the money from her fans on expensive brands( She can at least give some to charity!Like demi and Selena.)

8. her show's not all that funny anymore

9. Copied Demi and Selena's Youtube video with Mandy.(Selena and demis was way better! By 1,999 miles!See it on Youtube.)

10. Likes to diss her fans.


Miley Cyrus copied Selena and Demi with their sense of fashion. She had her hair cut into medium bangs just like Demi. Miley wore many peace signs just like Alex(Selena) in Wizards. Miley also wears a lot of jewelery all of a sudden, kinda like Alex in WoWP. She wears akward clothes as Hannah Montana, again, like Alex!she is back stabbing copy cat!

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